There’s just a few more days left in the year. How did this one pass us by so fast? While the year has brought its trials, tribulations and hardships to us all, it’s also given us a lot to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate all the year has brought us than by celebrating in style with friends, family and the people who mean the most to us! If you’re going to be hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration, you know that your guests will be expecting something extra special from you, and you have no intention of disappointing them.

A party is all about good company, good music, fun, laughter, refreshing drinks and tasty mocktails… Above all, though, it’s about tasty treats to keep everyone smiling, joking and dancing until Big Ben rings in the new year. But in the fast paced and frantic run-up to New Year’s Eve who has time to prepare and cook everything from scratch? Moreover, it’s so hard to find good quality Halal food at your local supermarket.

Worry not, all of these Halal treats can be found easily online and delivered to your door and wait patiently in your freezer for the festivities to begin…

1. Samsosas and Spring Rolls

They’re the perfect finger food; light and crispy, tempting and moreish yet completely mess free… So long as you remember to catch your crumbs. Samosas are available in a wide range of fillings from vegetarian to Mexican chicken and even chocolate and nuts. Likewise, spring rolls make for a fun snack available with either chicken or veggie fillings that’ll have your guests nebbishly if you’ve got any more.

2. Kebabs and burgers

What’s more satisfying than sinking your taste into a juicy and delicious burger? Whether it’s beef, chicken or lamb, you’re unlikely to find a more popular treat that everyone can enjoy… Just watch you don’t get mustard all down your front! Or how about a tasty and succulent kebab? From chicken seekh to aloo tikki, they’re a tempting treat for the whole family to enjoy.

3. Pies and pastries

Life is all about the simple pleasures… Like taking a bite out of delicious flaky pastry to reveal the delicious piping hot filling within.  Mouth watering yet? Why not see out the year in style with a range of good old fashioned (and endlessly satisfying pies and pastries! Steak and kidney and pepper steak pies, chicken tikka or lamb keema pasty bites, mini lamb and chicken sausage rolls… It’s the kind of flaky temptation that parties were made for!

4. Chicken Strips, Poppers & Wings

“I don’t like chicken!”… Said nobody ever (who wasn’t vegetarian or vegan). Chicken treats like chicken strips, wings, nuggets and poppers are always guaranteed to go down well at a New Year’s Eve party. Whether you like your chicken plain and crunchy or zingy and spicy, it’s perfect party snacking.

5. Don’t forget the sweets!

Who in their right mind could forget the delicious sweet treats that call invitingly from the cupboard? Marshmallows, Haribos, Chili Milis, Jelly Beans… You can tell yourself they’re for the kids… But you know full well the grownups will help themselves as soon as they think nobody’s looking!