There are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the World, making it one of the planet’s most wide-spread faiths. Whether you are part of this group or wish to observe some of their culture and customs, Ramadan is one of the most essential festivals you will want to pay attention to. Sitting in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan revolves around fasting, and naturally a big of this is the tradition of preparing Iftar for the family. How exactly can you prepare your kitchen to maximise your productivity this Ramadan?

1. Plan Your Menu

During Ramadan, Muslims will only eat twice a day; with the suhoor before dawn, and iftar after dusk. This makes the meals you have incredibly crucial, as they will be your only source of nourishment during this sacred time. Your menu should consist of wholesome and nourishing foods, with slow-burning energy and enough to keep you full for a long time.

2. (Deep) Clean The Kitchen

As a big part of Ramadan, you’re supposed to avoid doing as much work as possible while you are fasting. This means that doing things like cleaning the kitchen will hurt your efforts, while also being a challenge while you’re starving. Getting this work done before you begin Ramadan will be an excellent idea.

3. Tools & Supplies

Keeping yourself from doing too much during Ramadan often takes a little bit of preparation work. With the right tools, cooking once can yield far more than one meal, and it doesn’t take much to go down this route. Foil, Tupperware, and other freezable containers can make it possible for you to make all of your food within the first week of Ramadan, enabling you to conserve your energy for the rest of it.

4. Use Some Shortcuts

A lot of people make cooking far harder for themselves than it has to be, with modern tools giving you the power to handle much of this work with little to no effort. Using a food processor for example, would save you a lot of time when it comes to chopping vegetables. You can even pre-prepare some dishes, for example the batter you might use to make fried snacks like Pakoras. Even Slicing and dicing onions and keeping them in a zip-lock bag will save a lot of time on a daily basis.

5. Keep It Simple

While people will be happy to sit down for their iftar meal each evening, there isn’t much point in making it a complicated feast. Food can be simple and satisfying at the same time, with a lot of people find that they enjoy cooking a lot more when they decide to take it easy. Often times, we spend a lot of time and effort to prepare a vast range of food for iftar time, but so much food gets left over and wasted. Maybe this year, stick to one or two dishes. Of course, though, this is entirely down to you.

6. Order Groceries Online

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