About us

Having been in this industry for over ten years we have built up a big reputation in London supplying to many homes, offices, schools and restaurants. We pride ourselves on our extremely high quality of food and service that is provided to all our customers.

When we first entered into the industry we simply had one goal, and that was to provide the “halal alternative”. Alhamdulillah now we can say we are well on our way to achieving that goal and none of it would be possible without our customers.

We are one of the UK’s biggest stockists in halal frozen food ranging from samosas to kebabs to burgers and even ready meals for all you fast-paced people!

We are big on quality, taste and consistency. All our products have been tried by us and only when we are happy, do we then provide to our customers. Above all the credential of the item being Halal is most important to us, every product we have comes with a halal certificate as proof.